Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, with over 1.5 million new devices activated every day. Developed by Google. Join us on a gentle journey through the mobile application development landscape, using Android as the platform. Through this internship you will able to build great apps the right way. Our friendly and experienced professionals will be there for you to guide each and every steps headed for application development

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Android - 001

Android App Development # Android developer certification Exam 5
  Total 5
  • Setting up Android Development Environment
  • Event Handling and User Interface
  • Using the action bar for various functions and capabilities
  • Notification and Broadcast Receivers
  • Service Declaration
  • Fragment communication
  • Async Tasks and REST web services
  • Saving, loading and retrieving data
  • Adding Google maps to an Android application
  • Testing and debugging the application
  • Deploying the app on Google Play
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic Programming Knowledge
  • This internship is for you if you interested in mobile application development. And Software developers aspired to design, create, deploy and test applications for the Android mobile phone platform.