App Development using AngularJS

AngularJS is a framework that is open-source like most of its Java counterparts. The goal of this consulting is to enable participants to develop web applications that are based on the Model-View-Controller Architecture, and decrease the dependence on JavaScript required to functionalize web applications. Throughout the consulting , participants will learn about design and development and various interaction points between them. Participants will also learn how design and development both are aided by AngularJS to form a robust application, and ways and means to create user-friendly and maintainable UI and code.

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Angular JS -001

App Development using Angular JS # # 6
  Total 6
  • Using AngularJS templates effectively
  • Querying and modifying data in multiple databases and becoming skilled with the API
  • Rapidly creating intricate forms
  • Understanding two-way (reciprocal) data binding
  • Introducing navigation functionality in web applications
  • Managing dependencies with Injection systems
  • Localizing web applications to cater to international audiences
  • Securing web applications from threats and malicious users
  • Building various AngularJS directives
  • Understanding the compiler for building better and more advanced directives
  • Using the testing framework (Jasmine BDD) to test the web applications
  • Structuring the web application using the robust directory structure
  • Structuring, writing, and lastly deploying the application
  • Participants should have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • This consulting is aimed at professionals who are engaged in evaluation of or using AngularJS for projects. Participants with basic knowledge of JavaScript, CSS and HTML will be at a distinct advantage.