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CompTIA Linux+ Certification

The new CompTIA Linux+ is for the IT pro who will use Linux to manage everything from cars and smartphones to servers and supercomputers, as a vast number of enterprises use Linux in cloud, cybersecurity, mobile and web administration applications. In the new CompTIA Linux+, candidates are only required to pass one exam for certification. However, the new certification is no longer eligible for the LPI 2-for-1 offer.

  • CompTIA Linux+ is the only job-focused Linux certification covering the latest foundational skills demanded by hiring managers.
  • Unlike other certifications, the new exam includes performance-based and multiple-choice questions to identify the employees who can do the job.
  • The exam covers tasks associated with all major distributions of Linux, setting the foundation for advanced vendor/distro-specific knowledge.
CompTIA Linux+ covers common tasks in major distributions of Linux, including the Linux command line, basic maintenance, installing and configuring workstations, and networking.

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Hardware & System Configuration

Explain basic networking concepts including network services, physical connections, topologies and architecture, and cloud connectivity.

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System Operation & Maintenance

Manage software and services, and explain server roles, job scheduling, and the use and operation of Linux devices

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Understand best practices for permissions and authentication, firewalls, and file management.

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Linux Troubleshooting & Diagnostics

Analyze system properties and processes and troubleshoot user, application and hardware issues

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Automation & Scripting

Execute basic BASH scripts, version control using Git, and orchestration processes

CompTIA Linux+ Career Pathways

CompTIA Linux+ adds on facility with administering the Linux operating system – the dominant OS in the data center. It offers a comprehensive approach to designing, deploying and managing Linux systems. CompTIA Linux+ covers everything from how to configure systems and navigate command lines to how to customize your environment and create simple scripts.
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Why Technovalley

CompTIA Linux+ Certificate are considered most important certificate in the IT industry today.

In order to advance your career and look for better opportunities in your profession, you need appropriate advanced technology interns. CompTIA Linux+ certified and experienced professionals are conducting the consulting programs at Technovalley.

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