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About MEAN Stack

MEAN is a framework for an easy starting point with MongoDB, AngularJS, Express, and Node.js based applications. It is designed to give developers a quick and organized way to start developing MEAN based web apps with useful modules like Mongoose and Passport pre-bundled and configured. It mainly tries to take care of the connection points between existing popular frameworks and solve common integration problems.

This tech stack is extremely versatile with Javascript shinning all throughout the stack. Let checkout MEAN stack’s recipe & why is it better than it contemporaries.

MEAN Stack Features

MEAN Stack is a technology built with the best composition of technological mediums

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MongoDb has been the solution for building databases with no base idea of a software design. It allows easy trial & error since defining schemas to design the database is not needed. This helps to build your idea to store & manage data with ease. Also, since MongoDb supports data transfer through JSON format, data transfer from the web application is easy and economical. JSON also allows easy client server data transmission. Also, MongoDb lets you make use of just one language for the entire web application rather than fragmenting between multiple programming languages.

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Web Framework

The Express framework powered by Ruby has been used to build robust features in web application development. It’s cookie handling ability has proved to be favorable in crafting web pages in web based applications. Also, they aid in empowering the simple REST routes, handling automated HTTP header and supplementing Connect middleware to plug in for synchronous functions within web applications in order to manage requests and responses in web pages.

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Frontend Framework

Angular JS front end development is an inordinate JavaScript framework that has some very gripping features for web developers and designers. The data binding feature of Angular JS lets you focus on the application rather than its code. The dependency injection feature in angular JS allows easy web application development and testing. Angular JS templating system and the logic layers are dramatically clean, thus providing easier inclusion of Java Script.

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Server Platform

Node.js is widely famous for building scalable real time applications and fast web applications. Node.js can compile the JavaScript code to native machine code before code execution. This feature is very useful in building server side JavaScript web applications. Robust back end based applications serve to accommodate high critical functionalities using Node.js. The most admired feature of Node.js is that it can use JavaScript as both the front end and back end language.

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MEAN Stack internship

The MEAN Stack internship for web application developers prepares individuals to rapidly deploy performant web applications throughout their application, starting from the database, to server side operations and client side handling, leaving fewer errors and enabling rapid application development. Though there are certain sites that promise to offer the internships in MEAN Stack, the official internship is yet to be released.

By opting for our well-structured consulting at Technovalley, candidates can gain knowledge to enter the lucrative domain of MEAN Stack and earn the internship.

MEAN Stack Career Path

  • MEAN Stack Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • MEAN Stack Technical Architect
  • Node.JS Software Engineer
  • Angular.js Developer

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