A Few Words About Us

Technovalley Software India Pvt Ltd is a software development and consultancy services company. We have consulting contracts from across the globe, focusing on the middle east countries, such as Qatar, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. We do the selection, required skill assessment and development for candidates as per our contractual requirements to create a pool of talents in the form of interns. We provide these interns as consultants as per the requirement, as these interns are job ready to fulfill the end customers manpower requirement. The final selection is done from the pool of talented consultants for short term contractual consultancy obligations on a cost.

We do not charge interns for placements as consultants and we only charge them for their internship expenses. We oblige by the IT policy 2017 of Government of Kerala and strictly follow governmental guidelines for our consultation services.

We are planning ahead of time to carve the generation with the skill sets that let them leap forward in their profession; be it in Cyber Security, Information System Audit, Software projects including ERPS, E-governance Consulting Services, Mobile Application developments, Operating system/Database technologies, Programming tools, Big data, Cloud , Virtualization services and Much more.

The consulting program is one of the Innovative offerings from Techovalley Software Consulting, as a part of our ongoing commitment to providing cost-effective skilled talent to our clients, which results in a timely, safe, and sustainable return to work for them.

To do this, we incubate freshers from campus, put them through our regular stringent short-listing process, and before they are presented to you, consulting them with the customized content. The resources are deployed once the candidate is ready to start on a billable project.

This is exclusively done for niche Technology demands, thus ensuring that the candidates who join you are ready for the new challenges.

Our specialized consulting program, custom – designed for each of the clients, based on their needs, would ensure that the selected candidates are well-equipped to be productive with little settling-in time once on board!

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Message from Founder/CEO

Rajesh Kumar S.


The top most priority of technovalley is Optimum Satisfaction of our clients. Each official  in Team Technovalley is sincerely committed to you in delivering our Promises with full satisfaction and mutual respect. We are highly dedicated and determined to ensure that our Program and its delivery meet the needs of our customers. We also ensure that the services promised by us are fully delivered, and committed to see if, we have a change to exceed the expectations you have with us. We are here for creating high level of satisfaction, happiness and perfection amoung all our customers. In case you are unhappy with any of your experience at Technovalley, and are unable to obtain a fair resolution with other technovalley officers, Kindly inform me. As CEO of the company, it is my ultimate responsibility and duty to ensure that our customers are happy. And do make your friends and colleagues happier by telling them about Technovalley! You may write to me about your experience and concerns to md@technovalley.co.in.